Say Goodbye to Keto Cramps!!!

Lets get this out of the way…Cramps are one of the most talked about side effect in Low Carb diet.

Were you / are you still struggling while starting out or being on a keto diet? Do you get headaches, leg cramps, constipation or any of the other more common side effects?
There are ways to avoid these and still feel great while losing weight.

Remember, You are not alone. Most people face same issues while starting out . During my first few weeks , I had severe muscle cramps and wasn’t able to sleep whole night.

Why Cramps???
Being on keto, your insulin level drops which in turn signals the kidneys to release more water which indirectly results in low electrolytes.
So there are two main reasons :

1. Lack of water – dehydration
2. Lack of Electrolytes


1. Add Sea Salt to your meal

Keto rules are quite different from normal diet, as your body is losing too much water you need more sodium. Easiest way is to start early morning, empty stomach , luke warm water with Salt and lemon. I prefer Pink salt.


2. Supplements:

There are some recommended supplements that can be used to cover up your magnesium or salt loss.


Keto Vitals is the one that has most recommended in the list of supplements. Its produced in US and FDA complaint.

3. Have Salty Keto snacks/foods

Try eating some salty snacks/food that are keto friendly whenever you find them.

a. For Magnesium:

– Pumpkin seeds

– Dark chocolate/cocoa powder

– Salmon
– Green leafy vegetable
b. For Potassium
– Avocados
Leafy green vegetables

4. Have Bone broth:

Bone broth is rich in calcium and magnesium, so act as excellent drink to replenish electrolytes.



5. Apple Cider Vinegar
As it contains calcium and potassium, it helps in reducing cramps, take it with luke warm water before bed.

And remember, Keto diet will take you a long way so don’t get demoralized by initial hurdles. There is better life waiting for you beyond the cramps. Stay Strong!! Stay Keto Strong….


    1. – Drink plenty of fluid and get enough salt
      – Eat plenty of vegetables or another source of fiber like metamucil capsules
      – using Milk of Magnesia

      blog about it is coming soon..

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