Why are you not loosing weight???

Are you dieting and not losing weight? You are following a fitness routine and often choose healthier foods, but you still don’t see your weight coming off the way you hoped. While there are plenty of other healthy accomplishments to celebrate on this journey, it can be frustrating to not see results when you step on the scale. Sound familiar? 

Everyone loves emotional eating, when you miss someone, or when you are angry, or when any tragedy strikes  and most of the times it is hormones which let you feel sad for no reason, and you end up having cookies/chips while watching a movie.

It can actually contribute to overweight which comes with unhealthy fats in the body.

Why women are most impacted??

People consider food as a distraction like anesthesia to soothe feeling of loneliness, boredom . Acc to research emotional eating impacts more to women than man. Doctor’s suggest that it is really important to understand how you are feeling and what is the main cause of that problem. People often stay ignorant because they don’t know how to cope up in such situations.

It is often recommended to write down your problems on a piece of paper , looking for the reason and how you can solve them in spite of feeding your inner voice with unhealthy food choices.

It is often seen , your choice of comfort food reflects your childhood. One think we can ask our self is that “What we used to eat as comfort food when we were growing up?”Food like ice cream, candies are full of carbohydrates which elevates feel good brain chemicals called serotonin, temporarily boosting sense of self esteem especially during second half of menstrual cycle, after ovulation. At that time, progesterone levels are high, causing drop in blood sugar and increased food cravings.

Whenever you feel like having unwanted cravings, like before meeting or after meeting, before any business deal, angry argument with spouse .Keeping a mood food journal can immensely help understanding food craving, where you can ask questions like

  1. Am I physically hungry or emotionally.

  2. What am I feeling ?

  3. What am I eating and how much?

Even if you do not stop eating immediately, you will simply develop this habit of putting a pause and identifying your true needs.

Look for HINTs:-

Once you do that, after 1 week review your mood journal, and see which things triggers you the most? Look for the PATTERNS , may be particular feelings or certain time of the day?

Dealing with your trigger points:-

Now is the best time to look for what is causing you food cravings, or problems. Look for best ways how you can feed your unwanted urges.

  1. In case of situation when you got angry try to comfort yourself, by relaxing , may be 5 mins meditation, go for a small 5 mins walk, deep breathing exercises.
  2. Think about it from solution point of view, not like how can someone do this/hat with me or why it happens with myself always?
  3. Ask yourself “What can I do right now”? Try calling a friend or any one with whom you can discuss the problem. This step is really important because when you try to sort out what you really need, you understand your self worth and also prepare yourself for solving problems.
  4. Write down solution for your problem, may be it is with your kids ,spouse , mother in law, boyfriend, boss. Think it loud what is best possible way to mitigate it!!! Even if that thing is not possible at that time , do it next day, or whenever you feel is the best time.
  5. Adding a healthy snack, in between meals can lower your craving.
  6. Drinking lot of water minimum of eight 8-ounce of water. As we all know dehydration can cause head aches and fatigue.
  7. Reduce your sugar intake, as having sugar increase your blood sugar levels initially making you feed good and suddenly dropping, causing weakness and fatigue.
  8. Go easy on cocktails , try to have low carb drinks.
  9. Always plan ahead, make meal preparations this thing really helps you avoiding unhealthy choices.


People often take care of their loved ones but forget to take care of themselves. We usually try to avoid conflicts and keep them to themselves and sweep them under the rug rather than sharing it someone they can trust. Remember , life is like a train journey that needs love and support of engines and other bogies for the journey to be smooth and on track. So get back to loving and taking care of your self, a healthy and better life awaits your. Go rock!!!


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